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Foundations For Optimal Health

6 Week program

In this 6 week optimal health foundations program, we delve deep into improving your well-being. We aim to identify potential reasons behind issues like weight loss challenges, fatigue, sleep problems, hormonal imbalances, performance issues, and weakened immunity, which may hinder achieving your health goals.


This thorough exploration involves extensive testing and result analysis. We'll work together to tackle the root causes of your symptoms, empowering you to make progress in your health journey and achieve desired results. The program entails weekly 1 hour group sessions with our Functional Doctor - Dr Ravi Gornall and our Integrative Health Coach - Maree Fracchia.

Pre Screening

  • A comprehensive health questionnaire

  • Initial 30min consultation with Dr Ravi Gornall including discussion of testing

  • In-body scan, group strength/fitness testing and plan (where applicable), blood pressure measurement

Weekly Schedule

Week 1

  • Introduction to the program

  • Setting Individual goals and our foundations of health

  • Nutritional foundations

  • Macronutrients, calories and tracking

  • Basal metabolic rate testing and recording

  • Reviewing and developing your movement plan 

Week 3

  • Q&A

  • Addressing quality sleep

  • Important of nature and grounding

  • Circadian biology

  • Light environment

  • Exercise and movement 

Week 5 

  • Q&A

  • Understanding results from initial testing

  • Optimal ranges vs acceptable limits 

    • Insulin resistance​

    • Thyroid imbalance

    • Hormone imbalance

    • Leptin resistant

  • BMR recordings

Week 2

  • Q&A

  • Understanding your nutrition in detail

  • The importance of whole foods

  • Reading food labels

  • Micronutirents - vitamins and minerals

  • Balancing amino acids

  • Alcohol

  • Hydration and electrolytes

Week 4

  • Q&A

  • Impact of stress and how to manage it

  • Environmental toxins - detox and redox

  • Individualised hot and cold therapy

  • Importance of human connection

Week 6

  • Q&A

  • Final testing - InBody scan, group strength and fitness testing where applicable, blood pressure

  • Discussion of results

  • Where to from here?

    • Transitioning to maintenance​

    • Future support options

  • What could be holding you back?

  • Individualised report provided

For enquiries or to sign up to our next 6 Week Program, please contact admin here 

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